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After being asked to do it for ease at house party's I'm converting and uploading mine and nicks mixes to YouTube. I'll add them to this playlist

Cocky & Nick G Mix Groups CDs: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL80rhbqtL...3JmzMN7VK0LALpNKEzW_


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Listen to DJs Cocky And Nick G - Vinyl Session For Cockys Bday 2017 by CockyAndNickG #np on #SoundCloud


gonna play some old mixes on scouse channel. if you want on just kick me cause i wont have auto conect on

class bounce set soundcloud.com/cockyandnickg/djs-cocky-jazza-b-bou…

DJ's Cocky & Jazza B - Bounce Bandits Band Aid Bands

Welcome to Cocky & Nick G's Mix Group. Keep up to date with all the latest mixes and volumes by giving us a follow. For…

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Live at 7pm UK hardcore

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Booked hardcore radio 7 till 9 tonight. I don't know what rules are with Sunday sesh class on scouse channel. Any issue inbox me. See you's later

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