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Playing live today Dj Master G on the house channel big beats with soulful house / deep house myself laying down some OldSkool 4 beat hardcore... Show more

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Hope everyone had a great Christmas now let's celebrate going into 2017 with our live show tonight with Dj Master g on the house channel play some... Show more

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Alright people tonight will be strictly OldSkool from me and master g Christmas spectacular get ya sels tuned in have a good night happy Christmas... Show more

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We are Back myself with Dj Master G this Saturday from 19:00hrs UK time until late very best in soulful house and Hardcore Freeform I am so ready... Show more

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Max Dj shared DJ Master G's status 8 months ago

The return of DJ Master G & DJ Max!

Hi everyone, I know its been a while since myself & DJ Max has done a live show due to personal commitments,...
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TheBoss thanked Max Dj in topic Hello fellow bedroom-DJs 11 months ago
ForgedHalo thanked Max Dj in topic Hello fellow bedroom-DJs 12 months ago
Max Dj replied to the topic 'Hello fellow bedroom-DJs' in the forum. 12 months ago

Welcome to bedroom-Dj mate had a listen to your mix sounds happy just how I like it get your self tuned in to some shows ours is 3rd Saturday of each month me and my fellow Dj Master g plays soulful house I love UK hardcore / freeform and OldSkool 4 beat hardcore speak soon pal


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Doesn't time fly by join us tonight Dj,s Master G and Dj Max as we take you through Deep Soulful House And New UK Hardcore come join in the fun... Show more

ForgedHalo will do 12 months ago

It's that time folks were we Dj Master G and Max-Dj take you further on a Ride through Deep Soulful House and HaRdCoRe Turn on Tune in or Drop out... Show more

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It's that time again were we Master G and Dj Max play live no messing around , shouts on the night also if requested the serious sound of Deep... Show more

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