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Admin replied to the topic 'Breakbeat DJ with 15 years experience wants a show' in the forum. 1 week ago

Thank you, I'm not able to listen at the mo as the links wont let me play with out having itunes installed, ill have a listen soon tho or if one of the other DJ's could let me know that would be great also, however I'm sure with 15 years exp I'm sure you can put some tracks together for us :)

Are you looking to do a regular set on one of our channel or just have some random parties with us?


Admin shared RaNdOm TaSk's video 3 weeks ago

Hardd House

RaNdOm TaSk Live Stream

Live mixing from the DJ RaNdOm TaSk.......

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Admin replied to the topic 'djing on this site' in the forum. 1 month ago

If MasterG is happy, i am, Drop me a message or just reply to this let us know which channels you would like access to and if you are looking for a regular set or just to play randomly when you feel like it, we will get you set up quickly, Welcome to the site mate :)


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RaNdOm TaSk 4 bedroom-dj.co.uk......17-3-17

MIX FOR bedroom-dj.co.uk............17 - 3 - 17

Admin thanked ForgedHalo in topic 1001 Tracklist 2 months ago

Live at 6pm Scouse Channel, let get smashed Colly DJSteeshForgedHaloDJ T.OtisRaNdOm TaSk

Possibly having a Sunday off tonight , if im not around i will see you all next week

Our chat is being upgraded for the next day or two the chat bar at the bottom of the page my be missing or show that your not logged in, please use... Show more

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Weve updated our chatrooms, theres a few tweaks needed hich will be sorted shortley, let me know of any issues that you find in the mean time, thanks

Admin replied to the topic 'DJ'S Wanted...' in the forum. 5 months ago

Hi rob, master g and max do have a regular set on the site, every month, im not sure who booked first but ive had to remov your slot from the calendar for that Friday,this time, apologies that the calendar has let you book that in its an error that i'm fixing.


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