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DJRew thanked RaNdOm TaSk in topic DJ'S Wanted... 5 days ago
RaNdOm TaSk added a video. 5 days ago

Dj Random Task...... LIVE...... 4...

Thought i would give DnB a try......Not mixed this mutch at all......... Not the best DnB mixing " Obviously", As First ever go........ It Aint to...

DJ T.Otis shared 2 photos in the Random album 2 weeks ago

Photos are being loaded.

Possibly having a Sunday off tonight , if im not around i will see you all next week

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RaNdOm TaSk added a video. 2 weeks ago

Dj Random Task

LIVE MIX........... 7 - 4 - 17. I havent had time to preview this vid......so if its bad....Opps!!!

This evening guys catch myself for The Deep Soulful House Sessions live in the mix from 19:30 till around 21:35 GMT on the House Station, then catch... Show more

Our chat is being upgraded for the next day or two the chat bar at the bottom of the page my be missing or show that your not logged in, please use... Show more

RaNdOm TaSk added a video. 3 weeks ago

Dj Random Task

Way to mutch wine b 4 this mix...............There are some bad ones and some outstanding mixes........blame the WINE !!!

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DJ Master G liked ForgedHalo's photo 3 weeks ago

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RaNdOm TaSk added a video. 4 weeks ago

RaNdOm TaSk 4 bedroom-dj.co.uk......17-3-17

MIX FOR bedroom-dj.co.uk............17 - 3 - 17

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Marc Cockbain created a new topic ' DJs Cocky and Nick G Scouse Vinyl B2B for Cockys 29th Bday' in the forum. 1 month ago

Listen to DJs Cocky And Nick G - Vinyl Session For Cockys Bday 2017 by CockyAndNickG #np on #SoundCloud


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ForgedHalo shared a photo. 1 month ago

New mixer upgrade to ForgedHalo HQ

DJ T.Otis Nice fella 1 month ago

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