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curtis hall created a new group 10 hours 45 minutes ago

(BOUNCE GENERATION) Scouse Bounce Hardbass &Club

If you like listening to BOUNCE SCOUSE  HARDBASS  CLUB then this is the place for you STAY TUNED  

This evening people catch myself DJ Master G live on the House Station 19:00 then catch DJ Max Live on the Hardcore Station 9:20pm for Master G's... Show more

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MashedUp Radio HQ

Still in development but getting to where we want.

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DJ T.Otis replied to the topic '1001 Tracklist' in the forum. 3 days ago

I look at 10 top hits in house gene before a set. There's new track's coming out daily only my personal preferences.
hope this helps


Come and say hello. ForgedHalo Facebook Profile. Help Like n Share the love.


ForgedHalo shared a photo. 4 days ago

bit of selfish promotion. thursday night guys. don'f forget you can check out more club events via forgedhalo's main site
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ForgedHalo created a new topic ' 1001 Tracklist' in the forum. 4 days ago

Just throwing this one out there. '1001 tracklist' Does anyone look at this before creating a set, or to get some inspiration, A tool or just rubbish?

In fact, as well as the above, do people still get creative when playing mixes or are you someone that just plays the music for yourself and not the audience. Whether this be for a gig or just over the internet.

I myself love to get creative, searching for tunes people have not heard and unusual remixes. The tracklist is only just something I have come across therefore you more experienced dj's would know more. I play music for myself away from an audience and believe if I have an audience then my best is certainly required. Yes, I am an amateur but I still hate messy transitions/mixes when not prepared.

Your views guys.


gonna play some old mixes on scouse channel. if you want on just kick me cause i wont have auto conect on

class bounce set soundcloud.com/cockyandnickg/djs-cocky-jazza-b-bou…

DJ's Cocky & Jazza B - Bounce Bandits Band Aid Bands

Welcome to Cocky & Nick G's Mix Group. Keep up to date with all the latest mixes and volumes by giving us a follow. For…

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DJ Ian Mac is friends with DJ Matty

DJ Master G replied to the topic 'Mixing in Key' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Good topic for discussion.

I have delved in to it before, I found that it sounds good to mix in key, however for me personally when mixing in key it would stop me on my tracks of creating a certain Vibe, as the track I would like to play next is not in key. So I stopped mixing in key & just play my sets by ear.

I think that it's personal choice, if you construct a mix entirely in key, it can sound awesome, if not it still can be awesome if you have structure!


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