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Hi everyone, catch myself for The Deep Soulful House Sessions live alongside DJ Max, I am on the House Station from 06:55pm then DJ Max on the... Show more

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Hi everyone.

Random Task, me & Max DJ on here on the 3rd Saturday of every month, sorry for the confusion, at least it is now rectified.

I have checked the Calendar & our sets are booked in for the rest of the year.

Couldn't you do a set on a different station to the House, sounds like you play different styles, maybe do a set 7pm till 8pm on the Dubstep Station.

Any help I can give you I will.

Cheers mate.


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This evening people catch myself DJ Master G live on the House Station 19:00 then catch DJ Max Live on the Hardcore Station 9:20pm for Master G's... Show more

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Good topic for discussion.

I have delved in to it before, I found that it sounds good to mix in key, however for me personally when mixing in key it would stop me on my tracks of creating a certain Vibe, as the track I would like to play next is not in key. So I stopped mixing in key & just play my sets by ear.

I think that it's personal choice, if you construct a mix entirely in key, it can sound awesome, if not it still can be awesome if you have structure!


Today catch myself playing the very best in Deep Soulful House starting at 7pm on the House Station. Then at 09:20pm catch Max DJ live in session on... Show more

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Time is flying! Hope everyone has had a good Christmas! Tonight from 7pm catch myself live on the House Station, I will be playing Deep Soulful... Show more

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Starting from 19:00 this evening is going to be a Christmas Special from myself & DJ Max, all Old Skool.
Old Skool House & Acid House from myself to...
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We are Back myself with Dj Master G this Saturday from 19:00hrs UK time until late very best in soulful house and Hardcore Freeform I am so ready... Show more

The return of DJ Master G & DJ Max!

Hi everyone, I know its been a while since myself & DJ Max has done a live show due to personal commitments,...
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